Online Courses

Burner Management Modules

This series of modules is comprised of burner controls systems including RM7800, SLATE, Kromschröder, BCU and Industrial Flame Monitoring.

Combustion Basics Modules

This series of modules includes a summary of combustion applications and systems.

Fuel Delivery Modules

This series of modules contains our complete line of commercial and industrial valves and safety shut-off valves.

Service & Solution Modules

This series of modules provides an overview of our engineered to order combustion systems and full range of safety and service offerings.

Thermal Transfer Modules

This series of modules covers our comprehensive portfolio of burners and burner applications.

Honeywell Thermal Solutions provides a variety of on-line training with expert industry knowledge and learning modules for commercial and industrial thermal solutions, components and applications. Our online training modules offer an interactive experience so you can enhance your combustion expertise on your own schedule and at your desired pace.